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"I'm ready for a lesson from the 'Life according to Sam Bolton' " Kim almost solemnly declared, looking at him as he bit into another slice of pizza.
"What do you want me to say?" Sam muttered, his mouth full. "I'm quite good myself at getting kicked in the teeth".

Los Angeles, June 2008.
Sam Bolton lives and works in a world that he feels he doesn't belong to, Hollywood.
He’s an actor who loves his job, but this does not make him less impatient of the mechanisms and rules of show-business.
When the logic of playing roles and appearances starts to suffocate him, a sound network of human relationships reminds him that the handsome face he sees in the mirror and that he lends to many different men is not the most important thing he has to offer, and that the shreds of life that end up in tabloids leave him sufficient meat on his bones to allow him to still know what kind of person he is and wants to continue to be.
Sam Bolton has a dog, a housekeeper who takes care of both of them, he has a woman manager and two friends who do his same job and turn up on his doorstep whenever they need an anchor, or advice.
He has a female friend with a heart of gold and a shattered sentimental life, and an ex girlfriend who would be happy to see him replace her boring and absent husband in her bed, but not necessarily in her life.
In this stormy scenario, a new figure appears, a veterinarian with a thing for calling her dogs after English poets who knows nothing about his world and probably does not want to have anything to do with it.
In a Los Angeles lazily dozing under the summer sun, the setting of refined parties by the swimming-pool but also of children’s parties and complicated family relationships, with paparazzis around each corner but also small everyday gestures and meetings on the beach that can change a life, old relationships fade, friendships and loves intertwine, and new paths open – to those who have eyes capable of seeing beyond appearance and who are brave enough to put everything at stake again and start a new journey.

The idea of a booktrailer for Scatole Cinesi (Chinese Boxes) seemed really far, until two dear friends, Viviana and Andrea, offered me their help.
And now I’m very proud to present it to you.
The music is an original track by Andrea Priora, excellent keyboard artist and refined composer, and was specially created for my novel. Andrea also took care of the whole editing of the trailer, with the irreplaceable support of Viviana Stoppa, his partner in the H3O Reaktor group
A very special thanks goes to Natalie Zurita, who took a true photo tour of Atlanta for us. Guys, I totally own this booktrailer to you!
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